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SeeMyChow is about...

creating, developing and sharing modern, healthy and traditional Ghanaian and African recipes for the one who is looking for something different from the usual. It's a food blog which shares African Food Lifestyle stories ranging from  traditional cooking techniques, restaurant reviews, cooking tips, ethnic food history and more.  

Its a food blog for the bachelor who wants to improve his cooking skills, the busy corporate man or woman who wants to eat healthier, the newly wedded bride who's eager to try new dishes for her new home, the student who wants to make a quick salad before dashing off to class and the tourist who is new to Ghanaian and African dishes yet is eager to make something awesomely different. Like really different 😬.

Content on this page are created by the owner Naa Oyoo Quartey and a team of African food bloggers from across the world. The aim is to bring together African food bloggers to collaborate and share their stories and recipes to the world. All content is owned originally by each food blogger. Photos & videos shared are copyrighted to each blogger unless otherwise stated i.e stock photos etc.

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