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A Spiny Lobster Lunch With Family.

A Spiny Lobster Lunch With Family.

I was in the middle of a Sunday meeting when I got a call from Mom that a fisherman I have known for quite some time now was at the house. Apparently he was at my house with fishes ( some strange ones too according to my Mom). My curiousity piqued like a chicken hearing the rattle of corn in a bowl. There's also some kind of shrimp, she mentioned before hanging up. Shrimp? This was going to be interesting.

I got home and quickly asked where the goodies were. In the freezer came the reply. Nooo! I want to take photos before they freeze! I dashed to the freezer and almost immediately my eyes fell on something large, thorny and with claws! Expletives escaped from my mouth and I banged the freezer lid down! What the beejeezus was that? It had to be lobster, it had to be! So I had to take a second peek. I did so with company this time incase the alien-looking thingy jumped out at me. That way I wasn't alone in the alien battle. 

It indeed was lobster. " It's not dead yet" , shouted my Mom from the bedroom. Another bang! This is what was causing the bangs. 

See! I told you! A cross between an alien, a lobster and a rhinoceros. Remember that alien that hatched out of people's chest in Aliens? Yeah, that nasty bugger. This reminded me so much of it. See the resemblance? Even one of my avid readers Kuku Djamasi tweeted about this. 


 This must be a really aged lobster. But where were the claws or pincers? Broken off? Which species of lobster must this be? I did a bit of digging and found some info here .  This was very spiny with spots over its shell. It fits the description of the Carribean Spiny Lobster but I stand to be corrected. :-)

I have never seen Lobster this big in all my days of eating lobster in Ghana. The last lobster I had was at The Busua Inn and it was deshelled and cut in smaller cutlets in a garlic butter sauce. But I saw them live in skin-crawling clusters in a bucket just before they had gotten cooked. How can something so scary looking be so delicious? And to think they are just sea bugs. No wonder the Americans saw it to be a mark of poverty back in the mid-19th Century.

I decided I was going to leave it in the freezer for a whole day just to make sure it was completely dead. I wasn't about to take chances. No siree! 

I finally gained a teeny bit of courage and took it out to defrost. What if defrosting was going to wake up the alien within? Yie! I gather vim and placed it out. I was half-expecting it to be gone when I came back. My poor horror-movie ingrained brain was having an effect on me. 

I placed a pot of water on the fire and added salt to it. The water boiled and in went opana. It was almost hilarious how I dropped it in, like it was still alive. You can watch it on my Snapchat. 

Boiling lobster this size will take about 25 minutes. When it turned orange after 15 minutes, I turned it around to make sure nothing was escaping the heat. A lobster is blue like you can see from above but once cooked turns to orange due to heat breaking down a protein called crustacyanin in the shell. 

It was done. The deed was done. 

Boiled Lobster 

You can eat lobster boiled like this on its own by removing the shells and dipping it into a garlic sauce or grill over hot coals or in the oven with a garlic marinade.

I cracked open the centre of the lobster and popped it into the oven with a mixture of butter, garlic, thyme, black pepper, salt and lemon juice splattered into its center; from head to tail. What a tough time it was! My Mom even had to hold the tail as I used a knife to cut it through. She was even hesitant. Teehee! It was a VERY MATURED lobster, if ever there was one. The shell was extremely tough and the skin was almost leathery to the touch.

After 5 minutes in the oven, i brought it out. 

I had roasted some carrots and cucumber as a side and cooked a bit of white rice. 

It was quite a feast for the whole family to enjoy. Six of us actually. The meat of the lobster had cooked well and was very tasty and meaty. The garlic had done the trick too, infusing the sea bug with a generous flavour. 

Lobster is high in cholesterol so I do believe I am quite done with it for the rest of the year. *Wink! 

What is your story about lobster? Do share in the comments below. 


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