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The Joy of Making Melon & Mango Khebabs

The Joy of Making Melon & Mango Khebabs

Doing things together as a couple to build intimacy can come in different forms. It's not just going out to eat or hangout at pubs and joints, but understanding each other's passion and interests. Imagine learning how to play video games with your partner whilst he also learns how to create flatlay product photos which you love to do? Incredible time for knowing more about each other.

So this Saturday, my partner and I were strolling through the aisles of the supermarket at the Marina Mall in the curious search for flower pots. Rows upon rows of household goods flashed by. Unlike GAME at the Accra Mall, there was no marked aisle for gardening. That's weird I said.

I gave up when we got to the utensils section. I was about to turn back when I saw hanging nearby several ice-cream scoops. For some reason I thought they were melon ballers and I tagged at Kofi's shirt in excitement. The words died in my throat when I realised my error. Kmt. Next to it hang another smaller ice-cream scoop. Kofi took that off the metal hook and said, 'It's a melon baller.' Hope! Indeed, it was a melon baller. But small. How many scoops do I need to make using this. I searched in futile for a bigger size and came up empty. No worries, time to get creative.

We got home and I brought out the watermelon we had bought on the Ada road to Aqua Safari. I pulled off the tag and tried to make my first scoop as I had seen on WikiHow. I blasted. I tried again by digging in the baller and dragging it to fill it. It was a fruity mess. Kofi wanted to try so I gave the tool and watched. My eyes widened as he deftly dug in the baller and turned it around several times and voila! A melon ball! 

We deseeded the watermelon to ensure each ball was seedless. We conversed about other fruits which can be balled into this fashion. Banana came up and so did Pawpaw. 'Hey! We have Mango!' I suddenly remembered. An abundant quantity of mangoes we also got in addition to the watermelons. Out came the mango for balling. 

We became spellbound at the beautiful creations and we laughed about the contrasting colors produced by the mango and watermelon; yellow and red.

 'We should make fruit khebab using the toothpicks,' said I. 

 ' You are right! That will be really cool,' Kofi agreed.

So that was how we spent the next 20 minutes making Melon & Mango Khebabs after a rather stressful Saturday afternoon. At the end of it we made a whole plateful of colorful fruits on tiny sticks. I was so proud of Kofi and his dedication at creating this attractive and appealing fruity snack. 

The best part of balling watermelon is the total absence of seeds in each ball. No more spitting out of seeds. Win! There was a great balance of taste with the light sweetish melon coming nicely together with the lush sweet pulp of the mango. 

This was a perfect way to build intimacy as a couple and a great way to discover how much your partner loves you. :)

A perfect way to destress a day away. 

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