Discovery of Quail Eggs

Did you know there are other types of edible eggs out there aside Chicken eggs? No yolk! Sorry, I mean no joke! Ostrich eggs, guinea-fowl eggs, emu eggs, duck and goose eggs are examples of eggs laid by birds and are used in cooking. Have you heard of quail eggs? Quail eggs are eggs from the Quail bird (duh!). 

Earlier today at church, we had a congregant introduce his Quail eggs business to us. As he droned on and on about the health benefits of quail eggs, I did a quick Google search to verify what he was saying. Hmm...there was truth in what he proclaimed. Quail eggs have more nutrients chicken eggs. But boy are they tiny!! A quail egg is about the size of a large olive. Each egg is distinctively different from the last with various dark-coloured patterns strewn haphazardly across the shell.   The patterns are efforts by the Mama Quail to camouflage the eggs from predators. 

There seems to be a lot of recipes online about how to cook and use quail eggs. Tomorrows breakfast is going to be very exciting! Sunny side up Quail eggs on toast or perhaps poached quail eggs. 

It's not easy finding quail eggs and a pack of 12 pieces for GHC7 seemed like a bargain. Monday, come quickly!