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Our First Meal Preparation Using A Halogen Convection Oven.

Our First Meal Preparation Using A Halogen Convection Oven.

I moved into my marital home a few weeks ago and what a change it’s been! I am cooking more than I did when I lived with my Mom which of course was what I expected. 


I cant even begin to express my gratefulness to her for teaching me how to cook. I remember waking up at dawn every other Saturday very very reluctantly, to go to the Agbogbloshie market with her to make meals for the week. I was so sleepy and would often doze in the car towards one of the biggest local marketsin Accra. 

The wedding was fabulously wonderful and so much fun! The food was great but as usual we didnt get the time to eat enough as guests kept coming to our table to say hello. 


My husband and I cooked our first meal together using a wonderful convection oven wedding gift. It was one of many household gift items we received after the wedding. We were so curious to find out how food was going taste after using it so we made our first meal in it. It was a very simple meal of vegetables and sausages. 

The convection oven basically uses infra-red technology to cook food instead of oil. The manual said it conserves the nutrients and moisture in food which is important for healthy living. Hmm..well time to test out if this was true.

We chopped up white sweet potatoes, carrots, onions and added large oyster mushrooms. The spices we added were very simple as well. A gourmet blend of Thyme, Oregano and other dry herbs was perfect for what we needed. We didn’t want too much spicing so as to experience a more natural taste. 

The oven has two racks in it for different food cooking. So we placed the chopped white sweet potatoes on the bottom rack and the rest of the vegetables on the top rack. That way the vegetables could cook first.

There are temperature and timer controls on the oven to control the amount of heat emissions. The vegetablesand sausages cooked way faster than the sweet potatoes, so that was out within 12 minutes. Another plus! Faster cooking!

The sweet potatoes came out after 30mins. What a delight to discover that they were well done! The outside was dry and crunchy whilst the inside was soft and delicious! 

The convection oven has an inbuilt thermostat which makes the light go and off so dont be alarmed if you see that. It cast a warm glow in the kitchen. We didnt have light yet in the kitchen so that glow was such a welcome sight! 


To say the meal was delicious would be a lie. It was BEYOND DELICIOUS! The carrots were cooked nicely and had a beautiful crunch whilst the onion and mushrooms were enveloped in herb flavour and moisture.

It took us less than an hour to prepare and cook everything. Well, dishes came much later. 

The oven is also a self-cleaning device which makes cleaning so much easier. It is also energy-efficient so we thankfully didnt run out of ECG credits LOL! 

It has become more essential to eat healthy and organic in our homes. We need to learn how to prepare meals using less oil and increase our protein and vitamin intake. 

Oven-Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken Wings With Fried Yam. Goodness Me!

Oven-Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken Wings With Fried Yam. Goodness Me!

Discovery of Quail Eggs

Discovery of Quail Eggs