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The Best Way To Season Chicken Is To Let Go Of The Spices That Might Kill You.

The Best Way To Season Chicken Is To Let Go Of The Spices That Might Kill You.

There's probably no household in Ghana that doesn't keep chickens hostage in the fridge. 

It's everybody's favorite, we love it fried, grilled, tossed in salads, in sharwamas and its relatives. 

Hmmm, when you think of chicken, you think of the words, crispy, moist, juicy, crunchy, tasty, bones; yeah we love to chew on those soft bones filled with luscious juices that trickle down your mouth. 

No one likes bland chicken, we want spice but have we gone too far though?

Restaurants, chop bars, mothers at home, and girls trying to learn how to cook, just what are we putting in our food?

I'm a strong convert, from the MSG poisoned seasonings. I've given my life to what is made in the earth, herbs, spices, fruits, the things that don't kill.  

Don't worry, your chicken is not going to taste bland...its gonna taste amazing and healthy too.

Here's some of the natural stuff I have in my kitchen for now, I say for now because I'm always picking spices whenever I get the chance to get them.  


So there's salt and black pepper. See it's a duet here, if you have just this two, you're good, trust me on this one. 

There's curry, some mixed spices, nutmeg, garlic flakes and garlic itself, ginger, curry powder, bay leaves, thyme, rosemary. 

Other spices and herbs not here you should really get to know are Cinnamon, Basil, fresh or dried, parsley, I love parsley fresh or dried too. 

Tumeric, cumin, mint, Oh my!!! Yes mint has the most amazing flavor 😍 and on and on it goes.

You should really read about the health benefits of these spices, you will be amazed how it's such a win-win thing. You get great taste and you get to not die in the process. 😅

Yeah, so this is what I use when I want to season my foods. 

Today, it was fried chicken and I love sharing food. 

So here's what you need to know when tossing in these guys. 

1. You should add vinegar or lime to your chicken first, apart from helping the taste, mother always said it gets rid of that raw chicken smell, that's what she said and you know how mother is always right. 👍🏾Also adding olive oil helps keep the chicken moist as it cooks.


2. Add any natural seasoning of your choice, all in moderation please, you don't want your spices to be too loud, a good balance of taste is needed. 


3. After spicing it well, you will want to leave it to marinate for some hours or overnight, if you’re making it the next day, this allows the chicken to really soak up all those spices and herbs, giving you even more flavor. 

4. There's something I've learnt about chicken, especially when it's been in the fridge, you have to let it thaw out completely and come to room temperature, else when you cook it all that liquid is going to come out like a flood. 

This ruins your flavor because you see; they weren't prepared for a flood, so let your chicken thaw properly before you spice it up.


5. When that chicken has marinated, cook it. Yes, it looks like my chicken should have thawed out properly; it looks like a flood happened. But, don't worry if this happens you can always add more spice to make up for it. 

Please don't overcook it. Chicken tends to get drier and chewy as it keeps cooking. You want it a little teeny bit raw before you take it down. 

6. I allowed my chicken to rest in the stock for some 15 minutes before taking it out to coat. I believe this helps the chicken absorb more flavor. 

7. I added salt, black pepper, curry powder to my flour and yeah, the rosemary in the egg was from the chicken I dipped inside. 

You dip the chicken in the egg first and coat it with flour; you can repeat this again if you like, I didn't because I was out of flour. 

This is very important step if you want to get that spicy crunchy fried chicken you buy from KFC. 

8. Your oil in your pan should be really hot before you put your chicken in it.

9. Oh!! Look at that beauty getting crispy. The flour and egg gives it a beautiful coat and helps it brown evenly, giving you gold. 

10. Place chicken in a plate with tissue to drain out the oil.

You have to admit you want to eat Chicken right now, ha!! 

End result, you should try this so you know what it tastes like. Seasoned with all natural spices, there's no death in that chicken. 

It's everything you want in a chicken, spice and flavor. 

Have this chicken with some jollof or just with coke, and you'll be licking your fingers without apology. 

Come to the natural side, you'll love it. 

This post is by Guest Food & Photography Blogger Rebecca Lorraine Asseh who blogs at She's passionate about food and street photography. Follow her on Twitter @BeqamarScreams and on Instagram @Lovelovedlorraine .


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