The Avocado & Egg Sandwich Perfect For Breakfast Before Work.

The Avocado & Egg Sandwich Perfect For Breakfast Before Work.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I cant agree more with this. Breakfast a day keeps the grumps away. No grouchiness. Just lots of sunshine and positivity. 

Making breakfast should be an enjoyable moment of putting together fresh ingredients to fill the empty space in your tummy. If you have time to kill before rushing out to work, then this sandwich will be purrffeecctt for you. 

It’s An Open faced Avocado Egg Sandwich.

The two main ingredients are easy to find in your local market, everyone loves eggs and oh Ghanaians eat Avocado with many meals.

You’ll need just a few things.

1.     Brown Bread

2.     1 large egg

3.     1 Avocado

4.     Salt and Black pepper

5.     Lime

6.     Pickled Onions (Onions are simply put in a jar filled with about 3 spoons of vinegar and water to soak overnight)

7.     Butter

What to do:


1.     Cut slice your bread into your desired size, I like mine a little thick.

2.     Spread butter on your bread and toast in a frying pan.



1.     Cut your avocado into two, scoop on half put into a plate and mash with a fork.

2.     Squeeze half lime into your mashed avocado to prevent it from browning . Season with black pepper and a pinch of salt. Now add your pickled Onions and mix it.

3.     Cut the other half into desired shape.

Mashed Avocado


I like my eggs to be sunny side up or poached, you might not like it but I encourage you to try something new, you just might love it.

1.     For sunny side up egg, break your egg gently in a hot frying pan with butter or vegetable oil. Do not mix it, the yolk should remain perfectly whole.

2.     Turn your gas to medium heat so it cooks well without burning.

3.     Your perfect sunny side up egg will cook from beneath, for those you who don’t like runny yolks, you can flip the egg or cover the pan with lid.

4.     To poach egg, pour  a water enough to fill your frying pan and let it simmer.

5.     Break egg into a bowl with the yolk still intact, slide the egg into the  simmering water and watch as the egg whites comes together.

6.     When it’s whole, scoop egg gently and place on a paper towel to soak up water.

7.     Always remember to season your eggs with salt and black pepper.



1.     Spread guacamole on toast.

2.     Place sunny side up or poached egg on top of the bread

3.     Take slices of Avocado and place on top of egg.

Voila!!! Your open Avocado Egg sandwich is ready to take enjoy before hitting the road. 

Trust me, it tastes good, it’s filling and it goes well with juice, tea or any drink of your choice except beer.

This is not a sandwich you eat with your hands (unless you dont mind getting yummy runny egg running down your arm; grab a fork and try this and let me know how it goes.


This post is by Guest Food & Photography Blogger Rebecca Lorraine Asseh who blogs at She's passionate about food and street photography. Follow her on Twitter @BeqamarScreams and on Instagram @Lovelovedlorraine .