Making An Easy Smoothie With The Shake 'n' Take Smoothie Maker- Product Review.

Making An Easy Smoothie With The Shake 'n' Take Smoothie Maker- Product Review.

Smoothies are all the rage. I first discovered smoothies at NourishLab Smoothys in Osu and naturally I was hooked! Although I didnt have a thing for thick creamy drinks, I found smoothies to be a great way for me to 'drink' my fruits and sometimes vegetables on the go. 

However why buy smoothies when you can make them yourself? So I went and got a smoothie maker for the house. It was a perfect way to get my husband to also get some good nutrients in easily whilst at work or as a quick breakfast whilst sitting in horrendous traffic on the Madina Highway. 😅

I bought the Shake 'n' Take Smoothie maker recently from Ultimate Deals on the Storefoundry online store to attain that objective. 

I could have chosen to get a bigger smoothie maker but something that was small and efficient was what I was on the lookout for. 

The container for blending your fruits or vegetables is a 500ml sports bottle and it has the capacity to also crush ice with a serated blade function. 


I could stuff in three medium-sized bananas, half a pawpaw, one squeezed tangerine juice, 5 ice-cubes, 2 tbsp of plain yoghurt and a tbsp of honey. 

The blades are quite strong despite the size of the bottle. I have also used it about 4 times and so far so good. There's one On-Switch to make it work but then what other function aside On do you need on a smoothie maker this size? 😅

Its easy to fix into the motor but requires a firm hand to hold and blend. It's better to hold and blend to prevent the bottle from moving around which will be caused by the motor vibration. 


A cap with a mouth opening, fits onto the bottle to convert it from a blender to a drink-out-of sports bottle. 

With regards to the final product, I am quite happy with the turnout. All the fruits are well mashed to a very smooth texture, even seeds are almost oblivious. 

Its also easy to wash out with warm water and a little dishwashing soap. I dont have a dishwasher though so I dont know if it will be friendly in one.


I am quite happy with this product. It's very challenging to find good and lasting products on the Ghanaian market of late. Cheap and fake products are being imported into the country and we need to know which will be money-saving product or not. 

Which Smoothie recipe is your favourite?

*This is not paid content or an ad. It's just me sharing my love and thoughts on good products I find on the market for my home. I believe you will also benefit from these reviews in one way or the other. 

This post is by Lifestyle Blogger Naa Oyoo Kumodzi (Quartey). She is a food aficionado with a passion for creating modern & healthy recipes on her blog. She is a freelancer in socialmedia marketing and training.