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 Clever Ways To Reuse Ghanaian Food Leftovers To Create New Dishes. 

Clever Ways To Reuse Ghanaian Food Leftovers To Create New Dishes. 

Stuffed Peppers

If you have ever calculated how much you spending on grocery food shopping and grimaced then you know it’s time to save on food by reducing food waste at home and learning some creative hacks of recycling leftovers at home. 

Instead of throwing out these common food leftovers, try these ideas so you don’t have to buy as much as you used to on your next trip to the store.


White Rice

You can easily make different kinds of rice meals from last night’s plain white rice just make sure you refrigerate any leftovers in a plastic bowl. Make Omo Tuo or Rice Water porridge; which looks like the Asian Congee, with the leftover rice. Because it's already cooked, turning it into a porridge is so much quicker, just add extra water for the extra-creaminess. 



Got any stale tea, brown or white bread in the fridge? Make some breadcrumbs instead of throwing out what’s left.  Slowly bake the breadcrumbs in an oven for about 10 minutes at Gas mark 2 and process it in a spice mill to get fresh breadcrumbs. You can mix it also with fresh herbs and store in an air-tight container. It will last you up to a month! Use breadcrumbs to coat chicken or fish before frying and enjoy with yam or sweet potato chips. Winning!

breadcrumbs recipe


Bell Pepper

Bell peppers are expensive and definitely not worth throwing out when they look a bit wilted. Stuff them with anything creative ( eggs, chopped veggies ) and bake in an oven. If you have sausages, chopped into little pieces or run through a food processor, add chopped onions and carrots to the sausages and slightly saute. Pour mix into beaten eggs and pour into Bell Peppers. Bake at Gas Mark 3 for 15minutes. Got some Jollof? Just follow the same steps and stuff the rice into the peppers. Something new to enjoy. 

bell peppers



Mash your yam and make Yam Balls or croquettes to save on that piece of yam left in the kitchen. 

Yam balls



Plantain can easily go soft once it ripens but do not lose heart. Make Kaaklo or plantain fritters with even two fingers of plantain. You can toss in shredded sweet potatoes for a slight Latkes inspiration. 

Kaaklo (plantain balls)


Ga or Fante Kenkey

A staple food in Ghanaian food culture, Ga or Fante Kenkey can be reused to make the popular Mashke drink. Mash-ke is a shortened slang for Mashed Kenkey. Just place the kenkey in a food process and blend to the texture you want. Add in sugar and milk and to fortify go crazy by adding peanuts, banana, mango coconut chips. Caution! Mashke can cause severe drowsiness. Best to drink one during the weekend. 


Tomato stews

Did you have some stew left over from the Chicken stew you made? Don’t chuck it out! Use the stew to make Gari Fortor ( a couscous-like meal) or add in some carrots, onions to freshen up the stew to get a wholesome vegetable stew.


Reusing leftovers is not only a great cash saving idea but also loads of fun as it makes you more creative in the kitchen. Let’s not waste but save.


This is a SeeMyChow contribution by Life & Style blogger Naa Oyoo Kumodzi who writes at . She is a born foodie, lifestyle blogger, food photographer and social media strategist for businesses.

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