Quotes by Esther Afua Ocloo; An Exceptional Enterpreneur in Ghana's Food Industry

 Quotes by Esther Afua Ocloo; An Exceptional Enterpreneur in Ghana's Food Industry

Today, I celebrate the life of Esther Afua Ocloo not because she shares my Mother's name 'Esther' but because of her extraordinary life as a self-starter, a pioneer in the food processing industry in Ghana and a leading Ghanaian entrepreneur in micro-lending.  Today would have been her 98th birthday had she been alive.

Google is also celebrating her life with this doodle for her selfless commitment in growing Ghana's economy and women empowerment activities.

Google Doodle of Esther Ocloo


She started her entrepreneurial journey as a high school graduate by selling marmalade. Thanks to her Auntie who gave her a starting capital of a few shillings, she was able to buy oranges, sugar and pineapple to make the marmalade. She sold her goods at a profit and persisted despite  ridicule from her classmates. Several years down the line Esther Afua Ocloo nee Nkulenu founded Nkulenu Industries which is well known today for their canned orange & pineapple marmalades and canned processed palm-nut soup base. 

She has accomplished many other great achievements one of which was to be a co-founding  member of Women's World Bank in Ghana. Read more on her life achievements and honors here

Here are  quotes by Esther Afua Ocloo to commemorate the life of this remarkable woman. 

There isnt enough digital documentation of this great woman's life to share. I have to do some digging. Nkulenu food products have long been timeless and of excellent quality, especially the palm-nut soup base which is a personal favourite for many Ghanaians travelling abroad. The can makes it easy to transport without fear of leakages and the base gives that great taste of palm-nut soup. It also definitely saves time on the time-consuming home preparation of palm-nut soup. 

Happy Birthday Auntie Esther! 

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