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Raw Beetroot, Ginger & Apple Juice Recipe

Raw Beetroot, Ginger & Apple Juice Recipe

Strong & brightly coloured vegetables always excite me. Like in a really good way 😬. Whether it's green bell peppers, sweet potatoes, kale, onions, red cabbage and of course good ol' beetroot; I am always super psyched to cook something delicious with them. Why? Because they carry more nutrients in them and who doesn't want to reap nature's goodness offered freely for our sake? 

On my recent visit to a vegetable merchant at 37, I discovered beetroot in a much finer state than I had been buying from the supermarkets in town. These beets still had leaves attached to them 😍 and their bodies were smoother and they carried a brighter ruby-red colour. 

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This beetroot juice recipe is for you if you don't have juicer like moi. Beetroot is super healthy, packing fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. According to research, drinking beetroot juice helps in lowering your blood pressure, increasing your libido, producing white blood cells which fight off inflammations & infections in your body. So here's a great recipe for you to try, the ingredients are easy to get on the market and you can make as much as you want to drink for at least 2 days. 


1 Large Apple

1 Large Piece of Ginger

1 Large Beetroot

2 Pieces of Medium-Sized Carrots

1 Large Cucumber



1. Wash all vegetables with a vegetable wash or in salty water. 

2. Use a peeler to peel the skins off beetroot, ginger and cucumber. 

3. Chop all ingredients into little cubes and place in a food processor. Blend at high speed. 

Blended vegetables in food processor

4. Pour mix into a fine mesh strainer to strain out roughage. 

5. Pour into glasses and enjoy fresh or chill in fridge for later. Garnish with mint, pawpaw or any fresh fruit.

beetroot juice

This juice is a great morning cleanse or as a healthy drink to break your fast. The cucumber and apple give it a fresh taste whilst the ginger adds a bit of zing to bring out all the flavours. 

Beetroot juice

Beetroot juice

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