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Eha Pinon, A Dish Made From Baked Pork Stock & Gari.

Eha Pinon, A Dish Made From Baked Pork Stock & Gari.

After that incredible culinary experience at Auntie Sophie’s domedo, I just couldn’t help but look forward to preparing Eha Pinon. How did I ever not know that this was actually a dish popular amongst the Ga’s and the Ewe’s? Like, it’s even a delicacy in Togo where the extracted juice from baked baby pork; Ehahvi dokpo me, is mixed with gari and the pork meat. 

Eha Pinon means Pork Eba in Ewe. Eba is steamed Gari which is served in a ball form and is eaten with Agushie, Palaver Sauce and some soups. 

My doubts about how this would taste quickly vanished after a tasting a teaspoonful of the juice. OMGG!! Slightly salty and peppery at the same time with some indescribable zing to it. This was going to be something awesome! 

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All I did was heat the juice slightly at Gas mark 1 as the oil had curdled a bit, then I poured in 2 cups of Gari. I then stirred through as though it were Banku to cook the Gari through. Flakes of pork pieces got mixed in quite nicely and the gari turned a light bronze colour. 

I then turned it out into calabashes to round them up. Earlier on I ground red chilli as a dip for the Gari. My secret to spicy hot chilli pepper guaranteed to make you scratch your head is using finely ground dry red chilli, tossing in some onions and a bit of salt. No tomatoes please 😄. Crazy 🔥 but delicious! 

I served up the Eha Pinon with the baked pork from Auntie Sophie. One WORD. DIVINE!!!!! ON POINT! What killed me was how so simple the meal is yet it was a burst of lovely flavours! I can’t stop gushing. You have to try it for yourself to experience what I went through. Even as I write this, I am salivating. It doesn't look appealing does it? Almost looks like Kontonte which is one of my least favourite food 😝. 

Eha Pinon

Apparently, the juice in cooked crab is also used to prepare a similar meal using Gari, this is also a delicacy in Togo. You do know that juice right? When you crack open a cooked crab, there’s some insanely delicious juice within the crab shell. Yes, that one! I couldn't help but wonder how many crabs have to be killed to get enough juice to prepare the Pinon. 

Did you also know fresh fish stock, called Aklor in Ga is also mixed into Gari to make this same meal? Now you know. 

Have you tried Eha Pinon before? What did you think? Please share in the comments below. 


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