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Ward Off Chilly Days & Nights With This Easy Soul-Warming Chicken Light Soup Recipe.

Ward Off Chilly Days & Nights With This Easy Soul-Warming Chicken Light Soup Recipe.

It’s been three days of rain and freeze-chill in the city of Marietta and most days and nights are simply calling for soups and more soups! Like, that’s all my heart seems to call for to ward off the fall chill and get my bones moving. I have found myself either ordering a hot bowl of ramen or making my own chicken light soup.

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Light soup is a one of the most common ethnic Ghanaian soups to find in any local restaurant and is usually served with Fufu or as a soup starter at buffet tables and parties. The popular types of Ghanaian Light soups are Goat Light Soup, Chicken Light Soup, Tilapia Light Soup, Dry Fish Light Soup, Offal Light Soup and Beef Light Soup. The protein dictates the name of the soup which creates an abundance of different light soups to make at home.

This Chicken Light Soup is a must-try not only because it’s super easy but for the extra-flavour and warmth it gives you on a cold fall day/night. I used broiler chicken instead of layer chicken to have a more tender outcome but you can choose to use layer chicken ( hen) which means more time to be spent on steaming the meat to tenderise it. Layer chicken packs more flavour though doesn’t it? 😋 I also used chicken thighs and drumsticks which contain more delicious marrow juice which are slowly released into the chicken stock.

I made this soup which we enjoyed with Neat Fufu Plantain Powder ( not the same as traditionally pounded Fufu though :D ) and still had leftovers for the next three days as a light dinner option. Trust me on this recipe! It’s too good to ignore! Shall we get to it then?

Difficulty: Easy

Portion: 2 Adults


5 Large tomatoes

1 Large Red or White Onion

4 Large Red Scotch bonnet peppers

1/2 kg Chicken thighs severed at joints

2 Large Fresh Ginger

1 Bay Leaf

1 Tsp Dry Oregano

2 Medium Carrots




  1. Cut and wash Chicken thighs and drumsticks in salt water.

  2. Grate ginger and half of the onion and season chicken pieces with the mix.

  3. Steam chicken pieces in a deep stock/soup pot by adding half-cup of water to the meat. Add bay leaf. Cover to retain cooking flavours. Steam for 10 minutes and stir every 3-5 minutes.

  4. Place tomatoes and remaining half onion and peppers into chicken mix five minutes into steaming.

  5. Take out the steamed tomatoes, onion and peppers and blitz in a food processor.

  6. Sieve pureed tomato mix over the chicken. Use a wooden spoon to stir through the puree or give the sieve a gentle shake as the puree drains through. if there’s any tomato chaff remaining in the sieve, pour a cup of water through to wash through the chaff.

  7. Stir the pureed tomato mix through for five minutes. Stir through to the bottom.

  8. After five minutes, pour in water to cover about 2 inches above the top of the chicken. Sprinkle dry oregano for extra flavour. Increase heat slightly and allow to boil for 15-20minutes.

  9. Just before the 20minutes add chopped carrots and season with salt.

  10. As the soup cooks, the natural juices and oil from the chicken will rise to the surface, an indication of readiness.

  11. Serve hot on it’s own or enjoy with steamed white rice, boiled yam or sweet potatoes.

Chicken Light Soup

Chicken Light Soup

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