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 Kpong Harbour Giant Freshwater Prawns With Garlic Butter & Pasta

Kpong Harbour Giant Freshwater Prawns With Garlic Butter & Pasta

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Last night's dinner was a typical example of French restaurant quality using very little but fresh ingredients especially the Kpong Harbour freshwater prawns I bought in Kpong. I visited the fishing village of Kpong Harbour which is a 15minutes drive from Akosombo to buy fresh Tilapia before heading out to Accra. Although called a harbour by the locals, it's a huge expanse of river water with floating aquatic plants with parked canoes at the edges of the river. Fishermen sit in the cool of the shade mending their broken nets whilst the women sell the catch of the day at the fish market. 

Fisherman mending his broken nets. 

Fisherman mending his broken nets. 

Just as we were leaving with our fresh Tilapia hoard than a fish vendor walk up to the car holding up what looked like prawns to me. They looked huge! I slowed down in curiosity. She called them "Morkor" and that they were actually freshwater shrimps from the river. They resembled baby lobsters with longer than usual pincers on seawater shrimps.

Freshwater shrimp

Freshwater shrimp

I had to. I just had to. I bought GHC20 worth which was about 12 pieces in total. However on reaching home and running a quick Google search it turns out to be giant river prawns which were introduced to Africa and other parts of the world. 

Dinner was going to be interesting! My buddy and sous-chef foodie-partner-in-crime David co-incidentally texted me to remind me to bring him seafood from my Akosombo trip and when I assured him of the shrimps I had already purchased he was over the moon! 

Giant Freshwater Prawns

Giant Freshwater Prawns

After checking out several recipes we came upon a simple one on Damn Delicious which we slightly modified for the African palate. David and I set about to cook up a prawny dinner :D. 

You have to use as much garlic as you can to pop out the flavour of the shrimps as well as the parsley, and for the butter you will need quite a bit. Is it me or butter makes everything taste rich and expensive? 😁 If you don't get to buy the same prawns, you can use everyday fresh shrimp which is easy to get at fish markets or even better at the seaside. 


5 Cloves of Butter

Handful of Fresh Parsley chopped

5 Cloves of Garlic minced

400-500g of freshwater prawns

Granulated rock salt

Paprika powder

5 tablespoons of butter

White wine


1. Remove the shells, legs and the heads from the prawn to make it easy for eating. 

2. Wash under cold water.

3. Place non-stick pan on fire under medium heat and add a stick of butter. A stick of butter usually is one slice across the rectangular butter. Let it melt and lightly heat up. 

4. Cook the prawns for 2-3 minutes turning each side once. Sprinkle salt and paprika over the prawns and stir through. 

5. Remove prawns and set aside. 

6. Cook pasta till al dente.

7. Add minced garlic to the buttery oil and cook for a minute. 

8. Add four sticks of butter and white wine and bring to boil . Allow the white wine to reduce over low heat for 3 minutes. Add the prawns back in. 

9. Sprinkle half of chopped fresh parsley to cooking prawns and cook for two minutes. 

10. Serve sauce over pasta or you can also add the pasta to the sauce and cook through for another minute. Garnish with remaining parsley. Enjoy with great gusto! 


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Such great flavour! We used Four Cousins sweet white wine to cook because there just wasn't any available at the corner supermarket. But it was still super flavourful. If you are cooking a lot of pasta, use a lot of garlic and parsley. The garlic, butter and parsley were such perfect companions! The parsley gave the dish a fresh herb taste and the prawns were just succulently too good! David couldn't help but remark at how this dish would have easily cost about GHC70 in a restaurant. So true! 

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Try this recipe and tag #SeeMyChow on Instagram for a feature! I would love to know your feedback! 


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