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Homemade Rock Buns Recipe

Homemade Rock Buns Recipe


For as long as I can remember we have called rock buns, 'tart' every time we sight one at a pastry store. Back in school, we used to also call them Rockies until I came across it's official name Rock Cakes or Rock Buns. Rock buns are small fruit cakes which look exactly like rocks with it's rough landscape of hardened mounds and crevices.  They are commonly found in the glass cabinet of FanYogo vendors as a pastry accompaniment to FanYogo or FanChoco. 

I woke up Monday morning craving rock buns for some strange reason. Isn't that strange? Amongst all the pastries my palate could dream of it had to be rock buns. LOL! I just had to fulfil my palate's desires. Whatever palate wants, palate gets. 

It's so easy to make rock buns and within 25-30 minutes you can have a whole stack of rock buns waiting for a good cup of tea. Your mornings will never be the same after this recipe  



Preparation: 5 minutes Baking Time: 25minutes Difficulty: Easy

225 g of plain flour

2 Teaspoons of baking powder

50g Margarine 

2 Tablespoons of skimmed Milk 

60 g of Caster Sugar

1 Egg 

2 Teaspoons of Vanilla Essence

Granulated sugar for decorating 


( Pre-heat oven to Gas Mark 3) 

1. Sieve plain flour and baking powder into a mixing plastic bowl. 

2. Add caster sugar and mix gently. 

3. Scoop margarine into flour mix and gently mix through till the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. 

4. Beat egg, vanilla essence and milk together. Add to flour mix, mix till it forms a dough.

5. Using two forks, lift a dollop of dough unto parchment lined baking sheet. Keep at least 2 inches distance between each dollop as each easily spreads out. DO NOT SMOOTHEN dough! Leave as it is. Sprinkle granulated sugar onto each dollop.

6. Bake for 20-25 minutes till sunny golden brown. Cool it on a wire rack.

7. Serve with a soothing cup of tea and a side of your favourite jam/marmalade.  

rock buns

Hubby and I enjoyed this with Black Tea from Java House on a beautiful Monday morning. I did get some burnt bits at the bottom because I didn't use the parchment sheet but nevertheless it was crunchy without being too dry , well baked through and not too sugary. 

If you bake more, easily keep one zip-locked and stored in the refrigerator for later snacking. You can also be adventurous with a huge serving of healthy eating by adding dried fruit and nuts in. Yum!

Hope you will try this recipe. I had fun making it and I know you will too. Post a photo of it if you do and tag #SeeMyChow on Instagram for a feature!

This is a SeeMyChow contribution by the food Editor & Life & Style blogger Naa Oyoo Kumodzi who writes at . She is an extremely passionate foodie, lifestyle blogger, food stylist & photographer and social media strategist for brands.

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