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Make A Great Butter Bread Sandwich With These Key Ingredients

Make A Great Butter Bread Sandwich With These Key Ingredients


I have become something of a great sandwich connoisseur over the last two months. It’s not only quick and easy to do but it can be filled with the most fun and delicious ingredients ever! There’s so much you can fill a sandwich with and for the past months I have experimented with several ingredients which finally got me to draw the conclusion on the following; there are key and basic ingredients which must be present at all cost in every great story-telling  sandwich. This ranges from the type of bread, filling choice and method of cooking the sandwich. Yep, cooking the sandwich. These ingredients are easy to find in any local supermarket and corner store. 


The Bread

I have used brown bread, Tea bread and Sugar bread and finally I have settled on good ol’ Butter Bread. A good butter bread of an inch thickness will be sturdy enough for a generous amount of filling which will not lead to an avalanche filling spillover effect. I would recommend a slightly dense butter bread like they have at ShopRite. A day-old butter bread previously stored in the fridge would also be fab. I found Brown Bread to be too texturous, falling apart too often. Butter bread should be your go-to. 



These can be your spread for the bread. If you don’t the taste of mustard you can always substitute it with mayo for the underside of the bread before any filling onto the bread. Using mayo or mustard melts into the ingredients whilst softening & flavouring the underside of the bread. Personally, I love an original Dijon mustard as a spread for bread. 


Filling choice

Whether you are making a chicken, pulled pork, corned beef, roast beef sandwich the meat choice will be the hallmark of your sandwich. How you treat that meat will also determine how awesome your sandwich will be. I made luncheon meat sandwiches recently and sautéed them in garlic before layering them onto the mustard splattered underside of the bread. If using bulky meats like chicken breast, shred them with a fork before layering; pulling apart roast pork is also similar to shredded chicken and gives you a much more efficient way of making the sandwich. Reducing any meat’s bulkiness gives a finer mouthful of yumminess. 

Don't like meat? Try using an abundance of oyster mushrooms which should be sautéed in garlic and a sprinkling of thyme. 



Love them or hate them, pickles will add that sour taste to balance with any flavourful meat filling especially a spicy one. There are so many vegetables being pickled but my favourite is pickled cucumbers. I can actually eat pickles as a snack. 




Try an avocado, onion slices and lettuce leaves to your sandwich to boost your nutrients and perhaps feel less guilty with the cheese and mayo spreads. 



Sandwich cheeses are super abundant in the stores and come in different varieties too. I love me some Emmental or Mozarella cheese with about two slices being enough for each sandwich. If you are lactose-intolerant however, you can skip the cheese and still have a tasty sandwich.




Butter makes everything perfect doesn’t it? A friend once said that’s the secret behind French food is that anytime you go to a french restaurant and think the food is amazing, just think of butter. I toast my sandwiches all the time! Spread a bit of butter on the top of your sandwich for toasting on a grill pan. It gives you a gorgeous golden colour and adds an extra-crunch to the bread. 


Cooking the Sandwich

You just have to toast your sandwich after filling it in. That’s a cooking process right? Yep! You can use any clean frying pan but it’s best to use a grill pan. Gently place the sandwich on the pan placed over low heat and light press down with a spatula. Bread easily burns in seconds so remember to keep the heat low. Flip to the other side after 10 seconds. 


Wolve down the sandwich with a chilled drink of your choice but don’t forget to share!

These are the basic ingredients for a really great sandwich. A few cooking equipments to invest in will be the grill pan or if you can budget for it; a sandwich maker. 

Have fun trying out different fillings and spreads to make the greatest sandwich ever! This luncheon meat sandwich was quite filling and can be a great brunch idea or an early evening dinner. Are you a sandwich lover too? What are your favourite ingredients to use for your sandwiches?

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