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Make Brunch Jollof Hashbrowns Out Of Your Jollof Leftovers.

Make Brunch Jollof Hashbrowns Out Of Your Jollof Leftovers.

You read that correctly :D. Jollof hash browns will and forever be my to-make after leftovers from the previous day lunch or dinner. Oh by the way, Happy New Year! 2019 will be kind and generous to us all! I had a couple of friends over during the first week of 2019 for Jollof dinner with a full pork shoulder roast, kelewele kebabs, apple and cabbage coleslaw and this out-of-this-world beetroot double chocolate cake. A night of good food and good people welcoming the New Year in good company. I cooked the Jollof in the metal cauldron locally called Dadesen over a Gya Pa Coalpot to get that smoky flavour in the rice which our cooking gas can never give in a million years!

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Some say Jollof tastes better when the next morning dawns on it. What do you think? I would agree much on this debate with respect to Kpokpoi ( Ga festival food) when it’s slightly roasted in a dry pan the next morning and can be chewed on dry or enjoyed with palm-nut soup. So crunchy!

It was almost 9am when I made this Jollof hash browns which made it perfect as a brunch item ready to be devoured in 20 minutes. Hubby’s colleague who stayed as a guest over the holidays was uber excited and was very kind enough to take the photos whilst I cooked. I had about 2 cups of Jollof rice left over from the dinner which was excellent for the three hungry adults in the house. You can increase or reduce the amount of breadcrumbs or cheese if you have less rice left over. But hey, feel free to use more cheese too!

To bind the Jollof rice together, I combined homemade breadcrumbs and mozzarella. They worked like magic!

Just see how easy it is to make it.

  1. Grate the mozzarella into a saucer. Set aside.

  2. First spoon out the leftover Jollof into a separate bowl.

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3. Stir in the mozzarella.

jollof hashbrowns

4. Add in the breadcrumbs next. Mix well to combine all ingredients.

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5. Spoon out the mixture into a frying pan over medium-heat. Spread evenly to cover the entire base of the pan.

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6. Reduce heat to low and allow to cook for 5 minutes. Cover the pan with a plate wide enough to cover the pan. Keep hand firmly on the plate and flip upside down.

jollof hashbrowns

7. Slice generously like you would for cake, and serve with fried egg, sausages, sautéed vegetables of your choice. Enjoy!

flipped over Jollof hash browns

flipped over Jollof hash browns

Brunch Jollof Hashbrowns

Brunch Jollof Hashbrowns

We both loved it and had seconds! We had a bit of kanzo at the bottom but the mozzarella registered nicely adding a new flavour to the Jollof which actually reminded me of the Jollof Arancini I made sometime last year. Tasty!.

Give this recipe a try and let me know in the comments how it was. You can also give it a try and tag @seemychow on Instagram.

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What Drink Can I Enjoy With Jollof Hashbrowns?

Jollof hash browns is savoury and spicy. It goes amazingly well with a thirst-satisfying Bissap, iced tea or freshly squeezed natural orange juice.

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