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Dragon Fruit & Sour Sop NiceCream

Dragon Fruit & Sour Sop NiceCream


Nice cream is just nice! Or maybe more than nice because I simply can’t have enough of this dessert which has taken over food blogs, instagram and Pinterest. What’s a nice cream you ask? Let me share with you what it is and why you should be making more nice cream every single day at home. Nice cream is a fruit based, guilt-free vegan, dairy-free, sweet treat which is also absolutely free of food colouring, believe it or not. It looks like ice-cream soft-serve but 100% healthier. You should be making nice cream because Accra has an abundance of fruits and guess what? The base for most nice cream is banana which is like available all year through and all you have to do is combine it with other fruits which become the main stars of the dessert.

I snagged red dragon fruit from Ghana Pitaya Farm at the just ended Garden & Flower Show and I was quite surprised about it’s bland taste but fell in love with it’s fiery red color which will be perfect for smoothies and fruit salads.

Did you know Dragon fruit comes from a cacti?

This recipe is a must-make because Sour Sop is also in season and it’s just the right time to tap into its incredible health benefits. Sour sop is touted to contain many antioxidants which reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases.


The kitchen tools needed to make nice cream are so simple! All you need is a food processor, an ice-cream scoop, a cutting knife and a container to store it in. Nice cream can keep excellently well in the deep freezer that is if you can hold back from finishing the entire bowl.


4 Bananas

1 medium-sized Sour Sop

1 Dragon Fruit

1/2 cup of coconut water


  1. Use a spoon to scoop out the dragon fruit and cut into cubes. Place into a container.

  2. Cut bananas and add to cubed dragon fruit.

  3. Slice sour sop lengthwise., and take out seeds by hand. Add to banana and Dragon fruit.

  4. Freeze all the fruit for an hour.

  5. Take fruit out of the freezer and pour into a food processor. Before blending, add in coconut water.

  6. Using a spatula or wooden spoon, turn the fruit at the bottom to the top. Pureeing will take some time until you get a smooth mixture. Be patient :-)

  7. Once the whole mixture is smooth, pour into a deep container. Spoon out portions with an ice-cream scoop , sprinkle nuts , chopped fruits, coconut flakes or any topping of your choice atop.

  8. Yum!

This was sinfully delicious! The banana made it so creamy whilst the aromatic sour sop perfectly added that sour yet sweet taste with the red dragon fruit setting it aflame in all it’s colour and vibrancy! So perfectly colourful! Have a fun time making it and enjoy with relish. When you give it a try, tag #seemychow on Instagram for a feature. 🤗

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