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Aklor, the Fisherman's Boiled Fish Delicacy.

We have seriously forgotten our roots as Ghanaians. How is it possible that we have forgotten or have no inkling what Aklor is? Well let me educate you a bit before I show you how I made this incredible fish soup which moving forward will be my No.1 method of cooking fish. Even comes before grilling. 

Recipe: How To Poach An Egg.

To make poached eggs, all you need is one large fresh egg (the fresher the better, take my word for it) and pan of water. It’s that easy. Remember, it has to be fresh eggs or else the egg white will separate from the yolk. You don’t want that to happen.

Savory Mornings With Kale & Egg Muffins

It is very possible to make a quick and healthy breakfast before hitting your 8-5 job instead of resorting to plain tea or coffee. Let me cut to the chase and show you how to make this insanely delicious and healthy kale & egg muffins recipe with 15mins. 

I got my Kale from SowGreen, my current FAVOURITE farm to get greens ( Arugula, Baby Spinach, Swiss Chard, Kale, Parsley) which aren't popular on the local market. SowGreen comes to the GreenMarket at the Kaya Bar on Saturdays. I am still working them to open an online store on Storefoundry. Saturday is always a long way from Monday. Too long.